Committee of the Whole January 11,2017

Committee of the Whole January 11,2017

Presentation by Frank Grant, Yarmouth Recreation

A couple of highlights:

Check out   A wonderful website highlighting community recreation, of note are all of the trails that are available in the county.

X country skis and snow shoes are available  for loan free of charge at the municipal building through the week and at Ellenwood Park on the weekend. Free x-country ski lessons are available and can be arranged through Yarmouth recreation.


Community Housing Option Initiatives through Collaboration and Engagement

Presentation by Denise Vacon

Denise gave a very interesting presentation on Choice and the importance of collaboration of all levels of government and the private sector to provide safe  and affordable housing for our residents.  Unfortunately low income earners are often having to choose between paying for rent and having food on the table. Housing is the stabilizing force in one’s life.  1 in 5 people in our community are living in poverty. One piece of good news is that the provincial government is offering 50,000 to developers to assist in creating more affordable housing, up from 20,000.  It is so important that everyone have a safe, warm and dry place to live.–engagement-yarmouth.html

Western Regional Enterprise Network

Presentation by Angelique LeBlanc

The mandate of the WREN is to inform, connect and accelerate.  They are presently working on: Rural Internet, business retention and expansion, a productivity pilot project, land and asset database,and  supply chain mapping. Issues for business include the quality of the workforce (attitudes, arriving on time for work), internet and transportation for employees.   The Summit 2017 will be held in April.

The WREN is very active working with the stakeholders to improve the economy in South West Nova.

Business discussions included:

Dead fish issue and the need for ongoing research.

Rural Internet

Canada 150 Project

Attendance at  the Chamber of Commerce presentation by Amanda Dean, Insurance Bureau of Canada, re dealing with disasters.


The Domtex Building




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