Riparian Buffer otherwise know as the Shoreline

Riparian Buffer otherwise know as the Shoreline

Attended the Planning Advisory Committee meeting and there was considerable discussion about the Riparian buffer zone which is the land at the edge of the of a shoreline. They have vegetation which is strongly influenced by the water which includes bushes, trees and flowers native to the area.  If the area is excavated, it can cause great harm to the environment including polluting the lakes with blue green algae. The above picture demonstrates the destruction of the zone.

The Municipality of Yarmouth has a bylaw (see below) which should help prevent the destruction of the shoreline, unfortunately either people are not aware or are choosing to ignore it. Please take good care of our lakes, they are an important resource and we want to be able to enjoy them now and in the future.


4.26.1 In all zones where development is undertaken on a lot which borders a watercourse

an undisturbed buffer of 12 metres (40 ft) is required to be maintained between the

high water mark on either side of a watercourse and any structure or developed

portion of the lot. Infilling or removal of material is not permitted within the buffer

except for minimal disturbance incidental to a permitted undertaking. In the

watercourse buffer area the natural flora and fauna is to remain substantially

undisturbed except for penetrations for wharves and boat launches. Moderate

thinning of tree cover in the buffer area to enable views is permitted and good

ecological practices designed to minimize disturbance of natural shoreline areas are

encouraged when undertaking all activities and developments within the buffer and

all developments on properties abutting watercourses in the Municipality. (see MPS

Part 3 and Policy 3.1.9)

4.26.2 On any lot subject to the requirements of Section 4.26.1 of this by-law the required

buffer supersedes any minimum yard requirement which may be less than the

required buffer.


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