Lots of Snow and Rough Seas in Sandford

Lots of Snow and Rough Seas in Sandford

February 17,2017

Hi Folks,

At least the sun is out and the snow is starting to melt!!! We have had more than our share of snow this past week.  Thanks to all those who worked hard to clean up the mess including my husband who has been keeping the driveway shovelled.

Received an update from Derek Sutherland today re the sidewalks.  They are doing there best, but we have a problem.  The process is delayed because homeowners and private snow removal contractors are plugging the the sidewalks with driveway snow which creates unmanageable piles.  The ice that forms plugs up the blowers and breaks shear pins, etc.  Until the warm weather melts some of the snow and reduces the piles, they can’t get through. Hopefully, it will happen on Tuesday. Please remember not to pile snow on the sidewalks when cleaning up your driveways.

Took a drive down the Sandford Road today to check conditions. Please be advised that there is quite a dip in the road near the boat builders where water accumulates and freezes. TIR is aware and will work on fixing the shoulder as soon as the snow melts.

I spoke to Don Houston of TIR, please be aware that if your lawn goes right up to a street or road and the lawn gets ripped up because of the snow plow, unfortunately they will not fix it in the spring. The reason being is that technically there should not be lawn up to the edge because of roadway clearance belonging to the Department of Transportation.  If you live on a dirt road and there are bad ruts, they can take grate the edges off so please let them know if there is a problem. Sorry, potholes will not be repaired until spring.

The upcoming weeks will be very busy as we review capital expenditures for 2017.  There are many possible projects which require large amounts of money:

The airport needs updating and keep in mind that it is presently used by Air Search and Rescue, the Hospital and large companies who fly in their executives. We just got our ferry functioning which will take time to grow. Do we want to lose a vital transportation link or invest and make it grow?

Our industrial park also needs attention to make it investment ready for companies.  Keep in mind, economic development equals an increase in the tax base which in turn can be used for sidewalks etc.

The ferry terminal is certainly in need of an update

The Mariner’s Centre just completed a feasibility study which shows there is room for growth.

Cape Forchu Lighthouse is getting a facelift on the outside this summer. Do we invest more to make it a better attraction for both locals and visitors?

The idea of a Marine Centre of Research/Excellence has been suggested maybe with an aquarium. Our fishing industry is vital to our communities and it would be nice to see ongoing research here to make sure it is sustainable.

A regional arts centre would require investment by all levels of government.

These are all big projects.  Would love to hear your thoughts. Please send me an email, respond to my blog, give me a call, message me on FB!!

If you would like me to attend an event or meeting, please send me an email to let me know.

I am researching the costs of repairing the Sandford Drawbridge and will be soliciting different levels of government to assist in the cost of repair.  I will also be looking at some signage to direct visitors to our landmark!

Reminder that the Lakes and District Fire Department offers Bingo every Thursday night. They are working very hard to purchase a new truck and build an addition to house the trucks, host events and be able act as a comfort centre.  They are appreciative of all and any support.

Best wishes to all, safe driving and stay healthy!









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