Month: March 2017

Union of Nova Scotia Municipalities Region Meeting

Attended the Union of Nova Scotia Municipalities Regional Meeting today at the Mariner’s Centre. UNSM is a very important association which advocates on behalf of all the municipalities to the NS government. Five resolutions were made in 2016 and when we meet in the spring it will be interesting to review how effective the Province has been with addressing these needs. It was very helpful to meet with members of other councils in our region. Highlighted issues are: doctor shortage and retention, rural internet, forestry, public transportation in the region, economic development, sustainable funding for the seniors safety program. Thanks Pam Mood, Lyle Goldberg and UNSM president Laurie Murley for leading the meeting.

Committee of the Whole March 8th

Committee of the Whole March 8th

Welcome to March…. spring is on its way and so is the misery of driving on gravel roads. Some notes from today’s Committee of Whole meeting.

Don Houston of Transportation, Infrastructure and Renewal answered questions today and of course they will be getting to the gravel roads after the spring thaw.  FYI, higher volume roads are done first as well as those closest to the coast since they dry out faster.  We will be getting a Main Shore Road sign in Port Maitland in the spring!  I thanked him for installing the slippery road sign and repairing the highway in Sandford. You can find their 5 year plan for capital projects online.

Click to access Plan_2017_18.pdf

Paul Beazley and Hubert Surette presented information on Property Valuation Services. Valuable information can be gathered on their website.  There are approximately 82 appeals on assessment in the Yarmouth County area and only 1 in 25 go to the appeal tribunal.  If your home is described incorrectly, for example, it says you have 2 bathrooms when you only have one, then you should contact PVSC to let them know. 1-800-380-7775.  The valuation of properties is based on: 1) Cost 2) Income  3) direct comparison.  PVSC always takes the capped value of your home.  The assessed value of a new house is higher than an older home due to 0% depreciation.

For those families in the Lake George area who have received letters from the Environment regarding land contamination, you can apply for a re -assessment. The assessed value of your property will likely be reduced while you are experiencing contamination issues. Please contact PVSC for more information.

Roger Devine, Development office, has been partnering with PVSC on Pictometry.  He has access to aerial shots of the coastline and heavily populated areas as well as many lakes in our county.  Fortunately, he is able to see illegal dumpsites, locations of derelict vehicles, and buildings where none should exist.  This is a reminder that you must apply for permits when building and adhere to local by-laws which are available online.