August 15, 2017

It is August already and I have seen leaves turning brown and falling from the trees.  I am not ready for summer to be over yet.  Needless to say it has been an amazing summer and I can say I have been very busy organizing and enjoying  local events.  For those of you who don’t know, in addition to being councillor I am: on the board of the Friends of the Yarmouth Light, on the Roaring 20’s Antique Car Show Committee and  Class of ’77 Reunion committee.   I am so pleased  to say that all three of these groups have had very successful events this summer.  They were all due to a dedicated group of volunteers who put their heart and soul into their work.  Congratulations to all.

On Saturday, I attended the Old Stones Heritage Day BBQ, auction and cafe at the Port Maitland Fire Hall.  Despite the miserable weather, there was a great turnout.  If you haven’t been to the three cemeteries, go for a visit. The committee has installed q codes so you can find information online about the individuals buried there. It is interesting to know that there are a large number of Mayflower descendants buried in the cemeteries. Many thanks to the large number of volunteers who organized this event. This year, The Old Stones Society was issued a grant from the Municipality of Yarmouth to rebuild a bridge linking one cemetery to the other.

I recently received an estimate for repairs to the Sandford drawbridge. I will be contacting all levels of government to try and secure funding for the badly needed repairs in order for it to be able to function.

I attended the Lakes and District Fire Department meeting to discuss the construction of an addition to the present building for the fire trucks and remodelling of the existing building to be used as a community centre and comfort centre.  There were approximately 20 people in attendance including Councillor John Cunningham and Councillor Cushing. After an excellent presentation by Scott and Corrine Killiam, a show of hands indicated that the majority of people in attendance were in favour of the expansion.  The Municipality of Yarmouth has issued a grant in the amount of $10,000 to support the local fundraising efforts.  This money is in addition to the annual operating and capital expenditures grants.

Don Houston, Transportation, Infrastructure and Renewal was contacted by local resident Roger Hubbard with regards to maintenance on the Main Shore Road and repairs on the Quaco Rd.  His response was very positive and we can look for changes to be made in the future.  I am hoping the new signs on the 101 Highway will go up any day!

Unfortunately, dog poop  and dogs off leash continue to be a problem at Port Maitland Beach. DNR has placed poop bags onsite and I have been informed that more signage will be installed.  The same laws apply to horses, owners are required to clean up the poop.

We are continuing to work on the Well Assistance Bylaw which should come up before council for first reading in the fall.

Some highlights from the regular council meeting this month:

• a motion was passed to amend the Land Use Bylaw to allow the construction of a garage on the Hardscratch Road.

• the provincial government has a new fund for the improvement of gravel roads, unfortunately the only road designated under this fund  is the Ellis Rd. We will certainly be highlighting roads that could benefit from this program in future.

• a Canada 150th event will be held in September. Councillor Cushing has organized the purchase of 7 trees to be planted, one for each district. More information will be forthcoming.

•  Ken Moses presented a CAO report which outlines the activities of Municipality of Yarmouth and how projects are progressing. You can find the report on the Municipality’s website

• Darlene LeBlanc, Director of Corporate Services, presented a report on Joint Municipal Accountability and Transparency Committee. Look for councillors expenses to be posted on our website in the near future.

For more information please see the council agenda and minutes on the Municipality’s website.

To quote Bugs Bunny, “That’s all Folks!”






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    On Tue, Aug 15, 2017 at 8:43 PM Councillor Patti Durkee wrote:

    > councillorpattidurkee posted: “It is August already and I have seen leaves > turning brown and falling from the trees. I am not ready for summer to be > over yet. Needless to say it has been an amazing summer and I can say I > have been very busy organizing and enjoying local events. For” >


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