Fall has arrived!

Fall has arrived!

It has been a busy September and I will do my best to give you the most important information from the month.

First of all I want to wish all of the Jewish members of the community L’Shana Tova, may you have a happy, healthy  and safe 5777.

At the Committee of the Whole meeting, we had a presentation by NS Power. They will be moving towards the installation of smart meters in 2019. The advantage is that is allows customers to see their daily usage.  They have come to the limit with what they can do with wind power for now. They can’t count on it for daily usage and will always need a back up source of energy.  The Tusket project is getting an 18 million dollar investment.  They are continuing to study the reports of the the Turbine project,  having worked closely with fishing associations it doesn’t appear that the marine animals have been affected. More information will be available following their quarterly report.

The Council has received much support from neighbouring communities with regards to getting Doppler Radar in Yarmouth and will continue to pursue with the Federal Government.

Here is a link to the September Agenda which contains the CAO Report:


Highlights of the Regular Council Meeting September 27th, 2017:

Paul Comeau, Grant Thornton, did a review of the financial statements and I am happy to report that we had just over a million dollar surplus. Those funds are put into the capital budget to be used towards large projects for example the demolition of the Domtex Building.  We have a number of  possible projects in the works including repairing the runway at the airport!!!

Fall Clean up occurs this weekend. Check the link for information.


The first reading of the Water Supply Upgrade Lending Program By-Law W-1028-17 was passed to the second reading. Once it passes second reading, it has to be approved by the provincial government. It allows residents to borrow money from the Municipality to install a new drilled well and add the debt to your tax bill. This was in response to the drought we experienced last summer. For more information please call the office.

We also passed the VOLUNTEER EMERGENCY SERVICE PROVIDERS CAPITAL LOAN POLICY V-108-02, which increases the amount Fire Departments can borrow for new equipment from $150,000 to $250,000.  We recognize the cost to purchase new equipment such as trucks has increased.

I made a motion to direct staff to look into live streaming or using Facebook live for our council meetings, motion was carried.  Apparently Eastlink will be showing the recorded version starting at 9:30 pm on the Tuesday following the meeting. Not something I would want to watch at that time!!!! I feel you should be able to watch the meetings when they occur. Both the Municipality of Argyle and Town of Yarmouth show their meetings live!!

Sandford Drawbridge Update: Kevin Shaw, Harbour Authority and Denise Sullivan, Small Craft Harbours are working on a proposal to be presented to the Municipality of Yarmouth and the Provincial Government to request shared funding. I have support from our council and Zach Churchill will also look for funding. Denise said that are willing to share the costs.  Hoping we can move quickly to make this happen.

New Highway 1 Signs:  Bill Curry, Old Stones Cemetary, Hubert and Belle’s and Yacuik’s Antiques have purchased  4′ x1′ signs for a group display coming into the village. The first one is going up tomorrow on Highway 1, on the edge of Bill’s property. Thanks Alex and Jonathan for putting it up.There is room for more businesses so if anyone is interested please get in touch with me so I can provide the information of where we had them made. We are purchasing our own signs and are sharing the cost of the materials, permit and labour to put it up. We are continuing to pursue two more locations.   We think this will help put us on the map and have people recognize us as a destination! We are only 15 minutes from town but some people think it is far!

I have passed on numerous road issues to Don Houston, TIR. I know how busy they are but am hoping some problems will be resolved. The list includes: The road to the Sandford wharf which gets flooded in the winter, the ditch near the boat builders where water flows onto the road and causes major ice issues, the lack of new signs on Highway 1 at the Richmond Road, the need for ditches on the Crosby Rd, filling in gravel on Spyder Street so people can walk and more!

Please, if you see ATV’s on the beach, please report to Department of Natural Resources since it is illegal. I have also requested more poop and scoop signs!!

That’s all for now.  Please call if you have any questions or concerns 902-746-3384

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!!

Best Regards,

Councillor Patti Durkee, District 4, MODY


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