Joint Council Meeting October 24th, 2017

Good afternoon! Last night we attended a joint council meeting at the Municipality of Argyle building. We heard a presentation about the Mariner’s Centre/ YMCA/Curling Club. While they are looking for approval for the expansion there were still a few unanswered questions such as:
How much will they get for their own building?
What goals do they have for fund raising?
How much will the building cost to operate?
What is the expected contribution required by the three municipalities?
It is difficult to support this project until I know the answers to the questions.
While everyone loves new facilities, we have to know it will be supported and that we have the money to maintain it.
There was some discussion around a new arts and culture centre and how it is badly needed in the area. We have to keep in mind that we do need to think about kids in particular that are not athletic and make sure they have a place to express themselves which is affordable. Whatever gets built, operating expenses play a huge role. We are building for future generations. I always follow my dad’s philosophy of “do it right the first time!” So much to think about with regards to both facilities.
All three councils support acquiring Doppler Radar in South West Nova so we will continue to pursue with the federal government.
A meeting will be set up with Dr. Bethune and the councils to show support for having a full cancer unit in Yarmouth.
We had an excellent discussion on governance and priorities. The CAO’s will be drafting a memorandum of understanding for councils consideration on how to make decisions based on priorities and the ability to make those decisions at joint council meetings. At present, all decisions are made at individual council tables.
I have to say it was a pleasure to work with all the councillors, wardens and the mayor. We do have differences of opinion at times and that is okay we live in different areas. We all went away with a positive feeling about how well we can work together to do what is best for Yarmouth County.

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