Month: April 2018

Happy Spring! HA!

Hello followers and constituents,

It has been a busy time the last couple of months. Unfortunately, I had to miss a couple of meetings in February due to my mom being ill and having to spend time in Toronto. I am happy to report she is doing better and is still a spunky 92 year old.

In case you weren’t aware, the Municipality of Yarmouth, committee of the whole and regular meetings are now live streamed on Facebook and can also be viewed a couple of days after the meeting on youtube. I think it important that you can watch your councillors in action during and after the meetings.

In January, I made a motion to partner with Department of Natural Resources to look into improving the washroom facilities at Port Maitland Beach. During the March meeting I requested an update from the Interim CAO Greg Shay. The staff are looking into what facilities are in the parks now across Nova Scotia. We will schedule a meeting with DNR to discuss how we move forward with this much needed improvement to our park.

A grant request from Sandford Harbour Authority has been forwarded to the Province and to MODY. We will review this proposal at our upcoming grants to organizations meeting. I am fairly confident the request will be approved since it has already been discussed in previous meetings.

I have spoken to Don Houston from Transportation, Infrastructure and Renewal on a number of occasions with regards to gravel roads and he assures me they will be graded as soon as possible. We have talked about the road to the Sandford wharf and I am hoping they will look at putting in some armour stone there this spring. Our next meeting with TIR is in June and I will be bringing up the need for wider shoulders on the Main Shore Road through Sandford and the section from

Highway 1 to the beach.  With the number of people walking, we need to consider safety.  An addition to the Port Maitland sidewalk from the school to the Richmond Road will be considered in the future.

The Municipality has sold Arcadia School to the Y’ARC for their development. The property was split so we still retain the trail. Can’t disclose more than that at this time.

An RFP which closes on April 26, 2018, has been put in for a new Public Works building. This has been in the works for a number of years.

Have been busy interviewing for a new CAO. We had some great candidates, announcement will be made at the end of the month.

The water supply upgrade program is ready. If you interested in applying to borrow money to put in a new well, please contact the office. Remember the money will be added to your tax bill.

We are continuing to pursue Rural Internet with the assistance of the Western Regional Enterprise Network.  A motion has been passed to research putting in a boardwalk along Lake Milo, a very worthwhile project.

Nova Scotia Health Authority has been offering consultation sessions, please attend if you can!

Th Port Maitland Fire Department had their annual ratepayers meeting and have proposed a 40 foot extension to the firehall. A motion was passed to move forward with the next steps which include an engineers design and acquisition of permits.  Thanks to all those who attended. Special thanks to Art Rose and Lew Outhouse for organizing the meeting, keeping the books and running our very important volunteer fire department. More thanks to all the volunteers, you are doing a great job and it is much appreciated.

Th Lake George Fire Department continues to hold Thursday Bingo Nights and are moving forward with their expansion.

Spring Cleanup is coming in May. Check for the schedule.

Th Lighthouse Movies at the Cape Forchu Lighthouse is progressing well.  Please be advised that Highway 304 is closed beyond John’s Cove.  The set is amazing and the stars have arrived!

I think that is enough for now!! If you want me to attend a function or meeting, please let me know and send me an email if you have anything you want added to my posts.

Happy Spring.