Month: September 2018

September News

When the neighbours bring in their float from the lake and you have to light a fire in the cottage to stay warm, you know fall is here.  Hope you have had a wonderful summer despite the lack of rain.
Yes, we are in the midst of another drought and I have read that this could be a trend so we have to “be prepared!” as the Boys Scout motto has been telling us for years. Stock up on drinking water, flush your toilet less often, do fewer loads of laundry and please do not water your lawn. The low water levels seem to be hitting us later this year than in 2016, when the Province declared that we were in an emergency state and supplied the Municipality with drinking water. Thus has not been the case so far this summer. The Council will be meeting on Wednesday to discuss the water issue.  Please note, we do have a Water Supply Lending program which will allow you to borrow money at a low interest rate from the Municipality to drill a new well. The loan will be added to your tax bill. Please call the office at 9027427159 for more information. You can fill containers with water at the Mariner’s Centre and Arcadia School. There is a water support info sheet which can be found on the municipality’s website:
I am hoping the repairs to the Sandford Drawbridge will begin soon. We are just waiting for the official announcement about the funding by the 3 levels of government.  Members of Develop Nova Scotia visited the area this summer and met with Yarmouth and Acadian Shores Director, Neil MacKenzie, Hon. Zach Churchill and myself. We discussed the importance of the area as a tourist attraction and how it could be developed to provide unique experiences for visitors. They are considering a project in the area beyond just the repairs to the drawbridge, here’s hoping…!
We will be meeting with employees of Transportation, Infrastructure and Renewal in the near future.  I have put the following issues on the list for discussion: widening of the shoulders of the road in Sandford and Main Shore Road from highway 1 to PM Beach, putting some gravel on Spider street to make it into a trail for walking, paving of Darlings Lake/ Short Beach Road and general regular maintenance of our gravel roads. Will let you know the results of the discussion.
There have been a number of meetings in regards to the Yarmouth Fire Department’s Dispatch Services. We had a presentation by Digby Dispatch services on Thursday evening which was very informative. We are very fortunate to have such a dedicated group of Fire Department volunteers who have our best interests at heart. The council and staff are doing their best to make the right decisions for our constituents. Please, please make sure you have a civic number clearly displayed on your property. If you do not have one, please contact the Municipality office to obtain one for free. It is imperative that emergency vehicles can find your property.
Unfortunately, Port Maitland Beach was closed for a few weeks this summer. We were all extremely disappointed to say the least. Thankfully the beach has reopened however we continue to question what caused the problem. At this point, I have not had a definitive answer.  I spoke with a Department of the Environment staff member last week.  They have checked the sewage treatment plant and it appears to be functioning properly. I know there has been much discussion in the community about the treatment plant. I will be asking the council to direct staff to organize an open house so residents can see how it works.  The Dept. of Environment is continuing to investigate the area for sources of raw sewage and the scum.  Thanks so much to the residents who sent emails and pictures. Please, if you see something that looks like raw sewage, take a picture and send it to them as soon as possible, they will come out and investigate right away now that a problem has been identified. As far as the beach is concerned, our area is not the source of a much larger issue.  Scientists have stated that the combination of heat and lack of wind contributed to the growth of bacteria. The original source is still to be determined.
Finally, our Ferry Terminal is getting renovated. Huge thanks to MP. Colin Fraser, MLA Zach Churchill and the 3 local Municipal governments for coming together to contribute to this project. It demonstrates the importance of the continuation of the ferry services to Yarmouth which benefits the whole province. Looking forward to seeing the renovations begin.
L’Shana Tova ( A good and sweet year) to our Jewish residents.
Please email me at or call 902-746-3384 if you have questions or concerns. Our meetings are shown live on Facebook and are recorded and can be seen on youtube within a few days of the meeting.
Best wishes,