A Bit About Me!

A Bit About Me!

For those who don’t me, here is the scoop:

I am the daughter of Hubert and Belle Lynch, hence the name of my art gallery in Port Maitland.  My grandfather started Lynch’s Mens Wear in 1921.  My dad eventually took over the business and was always inviting people into his office to talk municipal politics and I loved going down after school and sitting and listening. Dad was on town council for 3 terms serving one term as the Deputy Mayor with Mayor Fred Emin Sr.  My interest in Yarmouth, started at a very young age!

I left home to attend university in Halifax, BSc (hons) Dalhousie and BEd Mount Saint Vincent, and married my high school sweetheart, Tom Durkee. We have two wonderful daughters, Haley and Jill and two adorable dogs. 

I worked in social services with seniors then taught elementary school for 26 years in Ontario. Visiting almost every summer, I always knew I would return permanently to Yarmouth (2014) and delve into local politics.  Was absolutely thrilled to win the 2016 election, albeit by one vote! Every vote counts!

Throughout my career, I sat on many committees, chaired meetings and organized events.  Upon returning home I joined the Friends of the Yarmouth Light Society and helped the board with numerous improvements at Cape Forchu. I served as President and continue to be a director of the organization. I also joined the Roaring 20’s Antique Auto Club assisting with the growth of the Yarmouth Car Show.

At present, I am the District 4 Councillor and hope to be voted back on Council. I sit on the board of the Nova Scotia Federation of Municipalities as the Rural Representative.  I won the election at the last NSFM conference and have served 1 year of a 2 year term pending re- election. I am Chair of the Municipal Doctor Recruitment and Retention Committee and  Vice-Chair of the Western Regional Economic Network Liaison and Oversight Committee.  I also sit on: Yarmouth Area Industrial Committee, Western Counties Regional Library Board, Heritage Advisory Committee. Yarmouth Waterfront Development Corporation, CAO Committee, Marketing Promotions Levy Advisory Committee, Planning Advisory Committee

The saying goes, “If you want something done, ask a busy person!”  I love spending time with my family, running my art gallery, painting, hanging out with our dogs, swimming at our camp, reading, walking and playing tennis on occasion.

Have any questions? Please don’t hesitate to call. 902-746-3384 

You can always google me to find out more!



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