We Need a POOL!

We Need a POOL!

We need a pool

With the closure of the YMCA, we no longer have a year-round pool and we have lost an important family recreational facility, which includes programs for seniors with health issues. 

Many of us would like to see an expansion of the Mariner’s Centre, which I fully support. The questions remain: Who will fund the capital to build it? How much will the operating expenses cost? How much will each of the three municipalities contribute? How much will the federal and provincial governments contribute to the project? Who will run it? When can this expansion take place? It took decades, and a tremendous volunteer effort, to get the Mariners Centre. Even if everyone cooperates, it will be years before shovels will go in the ground.

What do we do in the meantime?

All three Municipalities are represented on the Yargyle 2024 committee, which could change after the election. We don’t know how long it will take to secure funding. We are working at downsizing the initial cost of the project. I think we are at least 3 years out before we can talk money for capital costs. I’d like to be wrong, but we have to be realistic. 

In the meantime, since we are surrounded by water, children in particular need swimming lessons, adults benefit from water exercises and we have a swim team with no pool.

We need to re-open the former YMCA Building. The town has bought the building, it does need some repairs but it is still a viable building.  Many people from the Municipality of Yarmouth use the facilities. 

This is not a town versus county issue. This is a regional issue.  With a new roof, some renovations, a refresh and new programs, it could be the bridge we need to tide us over until we get our Mariners expansion completed. 

Councils job is to create the environment for families to thrive. A key component is access to aquatic facilities. We need a facility for Yarmouth County residents. We also need the facility if we are ever to hope to attract young professionals to settle here. Providing these services is part of the municipality’s core mandate. That recreational facility is as important as our skating arena and our ballparks. And if we work together, we can do this!

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