Why I am not Door Knocking

Why I am not Door Knocking

This is a repost from August 26th with some additions, thought it important to share again.

Health and Safety of our residents is my first priority as a Councillor. Covid-19 is still very active in Canada and it is predicted that there will be a second wave. The province recommends we have to consider safe alternatives to traditional canvassing. All it takes is one person to spread the virus. Due to these circumstances, I HAVE CHOSEN NOT TO KNOCK ON DOORS DURING THIS ELECTION. I do not want to put anyone at risk, particularly those who are highly compromised. Members of my team and I will visit your home and leave a door hanger with information on how to reach me, how to vote, a few of my accomplishments in the area and my thoughts for future direction. Please call or email if you would like me to visit or just have a chat. If I meet with you, wearing a mask and social distancing guidelines would apply. I would be happy to answer any questions you have or just listen to your ideas for the future of Municipality of the District of Yarmouth.902-746-3384 durkeeforcouncil@gmail.com. Stay safe, stay healthy. Thank you very much for your understanding and your support.

While I was out door hanging, I met a gentleman who had just moved back into his house. I don’t know where he came from, I didn’t want to intrude. What if he came from outside of the province? What if he doesn’t believe in self-quarantining. What if he is asymptomatic? I always wear a mask but he did not have one on. What if I continue down the road and knock on 50 doors? What if I infected those 50 people? We have a new case in the Western Region!!!

I understand that candidates are choosing to knock on doors and I certainly respect their choice. It is the best way to campaign. It isn’t that I don’t want to be out chatting with everyone, you get to meet such nice people. I just can’t justify taking that risk.

Unfortunately there are a lot of people who do not use the computer. I would appreciate those of you who see this message to share my thoughts with your family, friends and neighbours. If someone wants a visit, I will happily go to their home and chat outside. By now, everyone should have my door hanger. If you didn’t get one, please let me know.

I will be participating in the candidates forum sponsored by the Yarmouth Chamber of Commerce on September 29th at 7 pm, Live feed on FB and will be recorded for youtube.

Thanks so much for your support. Positive, proactive leadership makes a difference in our community! Please Re-elect Patti Durkee

Authorized by the official agent of Patti Durkee

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