Future Planning and Voting Info

Future Planning and Voting Info

Thankfully Rural Internet projects have begun!  Please let us know if you have poor service. As Develop NS says we aren’t finished yet!  John Cunningham and I continually bring up the poor cell service in Yarmouth County. It still needs to be address with CRT.

This summer we had another drought! Thanks so much to the Town of Yarmouth for building the new Water Distribution Centre for the residents of Yarmouth County.  Is that enough?  In my opinion we need our own community well in the Municipality.  I brought this up at a council meeting, some councillors did not support my recommendation however I made a motion to task the staff with getting costs which was supported.  No word back yet.  Since last night was our last meeting it look like the new council will be tasked with following up.

Transportation, Infrastructure and Renewal are responsible for roads and street signs in the county. The Council has been asking for signs to be replaced for a long time.  Unfortunately, it still hasn’t happened.  We can only ask, it is up them to follow up.  Very excited to see the Darling Lake/ Short Beach Rd and the Main Shore Rd to the Beach paved.  I hope we have good sized shoulders for walking!  Part of the Lake George Rd towards the gravel needs paving as does more of the Sandford Rd.  Have been asking for increased shoulders on the latter, which will only happen when it is repaved.  

Thanks to TIR for the  work done on Lake George Road, what a huge difference! Would like to see the same work done on some of the other gravel roads in the Municipality! Rodney badly needs improving.

Speaking of signs, we formed a sign committee to look at beautification signs but it didn’t move forward due to more pressing projects.  Would like to see our villages have more of an identity and advertise unique features and business.  There is a beautification grant available from the province which I will encourage staff to apply for if re-elected.  How about some little flags or hanging flower pots on the poles to identify the location?

Voting starts on October 8th via phone, internet or kiosk. Please call 902-742-7150. You should have received your voters card by now. The kiosk will be at the Port Maitland Fire Hall on October 9th, 2- 7 pm. Please call if you need a ride. Please do not give your PIN number to anyone especially candidates, it is against the law. Most important is to exercise your right to vote! Every vote counts!




Authorized by the official agent of Patti Durkee

2 thoughts on “Future Planning and Voting Info

  1. Patti,
    I pay and have been paying Yarmouth Municipal Taxes since 1978 yet am not able to vote for any Municipal Councillor. That’s not right. What can you do about this?


    1. Hi Ken, Is this property your principal residence? If not, you are unable to vote in the Municipality. It is regulated by the Municipal Elections Act. Unfortunately, I can’t change the act which comes under the MGA. This is provincially mandated.


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