Countdown To Voting

Countdown To Voting

Voting starts tomorrow! I know the method is very different from the past but under the present state of emergency due to Covid-19,  we had to change the process so no one would be at risk.  At this time I wish all the candidates running for municipal elections the best of luck.  I really appreciate that so many people have put their names forth for councillor. It shows that people really care about their communities.

Look for my business card in your mailbox! Please call if you need help with municipal issues, voting or a ride to the kiosk.  We have wonderful people in our community and I have missed door knocking but have had the opportunity to speak to many folks. 902 746 3384

As a councillor, you have to think about your local district, municipality and region. We cannot be focused entirely on our district.  We represent all of the people in our municipality and region and have to make decisions based on the needs of the people.  What might be important to one specific area many not be as important in someone else’s but we have to take care of everyone.  We have to have a strong municipality and our town has to be strong as well.  That’s why collaboration is so important.

Our council has been very busy and I wish to highlight a couple of organizations which need to be thanked.

I am very pleased with the gains we have made in rural internet.  It was our #1 priority and by the end of 2022 we should have 95% of people receiving high speed internet. Thank you to the Western Regional Economic Network who have who have driven this project.  Those people living in small pockets without service need to make sure they have your civic address so you can get added to the list.  This service will help us in so many ways: healthy and safety, children connecting to school and being able to gather information and economic development.  All of these connections will encourage continued growth in the Municipality, an increase in the tax base which will contribute to improved assets and services.  Who wouldn’t want to live in Yarmouth County!!

Second, our Municipality, Argyle, Yarmouth, Barrington, Chamber of Commerce, Doctors NS, the Province, The Hospital Foundation and private donations have contributed to running the Community Navigator Program.  Big thanks to the Chamber for organizing and supervising the program and Rebecca Rose for making a difference in the recruitment and retention of doctors.  We have only just begun and I would dearly love to continue with this committee.  I keep hearing about people getting a new doctor and they are thrilled.  This is one of the most important initiatives that has made a difference to the lives of our residents.

I have highlighted a few of my accomplishments on my brochure but here is the bigger list:

• Initiated signage for Port Maitland Beach and local business on the 101 Highway

• Brought transparency to MODY by requesting meetings be shown on FB live, asked for CAO report, which included motions and follow up up actions and  strategic plans

• $10,000 to Lakes and District Fire Hall for new addition

• Coordinated a multi level government project to get Sandford Drawbridge repaired

 ( Still needs painting which has been held up due to Covid)

  • Supported improvements to the the Port Maitland Wharf by communication with Bernadette Jordan, Minister  Department of Fisheries and Oceans.  Request to make urgent repairs to the wharf and build new automatic tide gate system with success.

• Worked with MODY staff and all levels of government to insure investigation of PM beach pollution issues.

• Chair Municipal Doctor Recruitment Committee, supported MODY fund the Community Navigator position which has assisted in bringing 13  new docs to Yarmouth area

• Worked with DNR  on a joint provincial and municipal project to make PM Beach Accessible and encourage improvements to the park ( in progress)

• Elected NSFM Rural Representative Board member

• Got Bunkers Island tanks removed

• Got Bug Light Painted

• Brought The Lighthouse Movie to Yarmouth, 5 Million  for Yarmouth County.

• Requested extension of PM sidewalk engineering has been approved.

• Consulted with Transportation, Infrastructure and Renewal for  improvements to Lake George Rd, Main Shore Rd, Sandford Rd, Darlings Lake Rd, Ross Durkee Rd into the wharf, Armour stone in Sandford,Rodney Rd, McCormick Rd and more.  Thanks to Don Houston, Greg Newell and Deputy Minister Paul LaFleche for everything you do.  Hope some of these requests will be completed.

In the works:

  • Requested community drilled well 
  • Support the consolidation TALKS
  • Support the Mariner’s Centre Expansion
  • Support the reopening of the Centennial Pool
  • Support the construction of Splash Park 

Council is requires attendance at more than 2 meetings a month.  Here is a list of my Committees:

Bylaw and Policy Committee, Chair

Western Regional Economic Network Liaison and Oversight Committee, Vice Chair

Doctor Recruitment and Retention Committee, Chair

Yarmouth Area Industrial Commission

Heritage Committee

Planning Advisory Committee

Western Regional Library Board

Community Navigator Oversight Committee

CAO Committee

Marketing Promotion and Levy Advisory Committee

Yarmouth Waterfront Development Committee

Mayors Task Force

Community Navigator Oversight Committee

Nova Scotia Federation of Municipalities Board Rural Representative

District 4 Constituents, I ask for your support in the election which starts tomorrow until October 17th.  I would like to finish projects and start new ones that will benefit our residents.  Council has a lot of work to do to maintain what we have and grow our community. I believe I have the experience needed to help achieve our goals. Let’s not miss out on any opportunities! Together We Are Better!

Thanks for voting for Patti Durkee for an open-minded, positive, enthusiastic, experienced, proactive, community leader 

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