We STILL Need a Pool

We STILL Need a Pool

One of my blog posts during the campaign was about how ” we need a pool.” I swam in the YMCA pool when it first opened in 1967. Like many who have posted, the YMCA was a central gathering location for children, families, youth and seniors. Do we want new facility? Yes, we deserve it but until such time as it can be built we need our local pool and the other facilities in the building at 275 Main St. I support the reopening of 275 Main St, our community has spoken. You don’t realize how important a facility is to a community until it is gone. I look forward to a discussion and vote on the topic on Wednesday.

We had a meeting with Transportation, Infrastructure and Renewal and they were very supportive of the new build. There is no money for capital from the province for 275 Main which we knew but there could be money for operating from Communities, Culture and Heritage. Reopening 275 Main has no impact on obtaining money from the other levels of government. The province needs to wait until the federal government opens a new pot of money. They have no idea when that will be but we will be ready with a proposal for the Mariners Expansion project.In the meantime, we can work on the reopening of 275 Main St, if council agrees. There will be a lot of work until the doors open, if approved. We need to work together to make this happen.In other district news: The engineers have been out to research the extension of the Port Maitland sidewalk to the Richmond Rd, Highways will be continuing work in the area. I have asked them to check out the pavement on the Lake George Road and to please finish the gravel project on the section that wasn’t done. I am pleased that they cleaned up the tree cutting on the Richmond Rd. All the projects that we requested for improvements to rural internet have been improved. They include, Lake George, Brenton, Rodney Rd, Ross Durkee Rd, Port Maitland, Main Shore Rd, Twin Lake, Cedar Lake and more. I know Bell was in Brazil Lake and told residents that they will have service by the end of March 2021! Yes, next month.

I have brought forth the concept of village/ community beautification. It is something I started before I was a Councillor. It would be lovely to have holiday lights (thanks to Barry Vernon from the Wesleyan for this suggestion) during the season and/or flowers and flags in the summer. Staff have been asked to begin research on what we could do. This is for all of the communities, not just this district. It will have to be completed one step at a time. The province offers grants for beautification so I hope we can work together to bring this to fruition.Finally, please, please obtain a civic sign for your property so emergency folks can find you if needed.Stay tuned, we have lots of work in the queue. Really excited about the possibility of going up the Lighthouse Tower at Cape Forchu!!

Photo for the purpose of grabbing your attention, the old Sandford Drawbridge!

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