We Need a POOL!

We Need a POOL!

We need a pool

With the closure of the YMCA, we no longer have a year-round pool and we have lost an important family recreational facility, which includes programs for seniors with health issues. 

Many of us would like to see an expansion of the Mariner’s Centre, which I fully support. The questions remain: Who will fund the capital to build it? How much will the operating expenses cost? How much will each of the three municipalities contribute? How much will the federal and provincial governments contribute to the project? Who will run it? When can this expansion take place? It took decades, and a tremendous volunteer effort, to get the Mariners Centre. Even if everyone cooperates, it will be years before shovels will go in the ground.

What do we do in the meantime?

All three Municipalities are represented on the Yargyle 2024 committee, which could change after the election. We don’t know how long it will take to secure funding. We are working at downsizing the initial cost of the project. I think we are at least 3 years out before we can talk money for capital costs. I’d like to be wrong, but we have to be realistic. 

In the meantime, since we are surrounded by water, children in particular need swimming lessons, adults benefit from water exercises and we have a swim team with no pool.

We need to re-open the former YMCA Building. The town has bought the building, it does need some repairs but it is still a viable building.  Many people from the Municipality of Yarmouth use the facilities. 

This is not a town versus county issue. This is a regional issue.  With a new roof, some renovations, a refresh and new programs, it could be the bridge we need to tide us over until we get our Mariners expansion completed. 

Councils job is to create the environment for families to thrive. A key component is access to aquatic facilities. We need a facility for Yarmouth County residents. We also need the facility if we are ever to hope to attract young professionals to settle here. Providing these services is part of the municipality’s core mandate. That recreational facility is as important as our skating arena and our ballparks. And if we work together, we can do this!

A Bit About Me!

A Bit About Me!

For those who don’t me, here is the scoop:

I am the daughter of Hubert and Belle Lynch, hence the name of my art gallery in Port Maitland.  My grandfather started Lynch’s Mens Wear in 1921.  My dad eventually took over the business and was always inviting people into his office to talk municipal politics and I loved going down after school and sitting and listening. Dad was on town council for 3 terms serving one term as the Deputy Mayor with Mayor Fred Emin Sr.  My interest in Yarmouth, started at a very young age!

I left home to attend university in Halifax, BSc (hons) Dalhousie and BEd Mount Saint Vincent, and married my high school sweetheart, Tom Durkee. We have two wonderful daughters, Haley and Jill and two adorable dogs. 

I worked in social services with seniors then taught elementary school for 26 years in Ontario. Visiting almost every summer, I always knew I would return permanently to Yarmouth (2014) and delve into local politics.  Was absolutely thrilled to win the 2016 election, albeit by one vote! Every vote counts!

Throughout my career, I sat on many committees, chaired meetings and organized events.  Upon returning home I joined the Friends of the Yarmouth Light Society and helped the board with numerous improvements at Cape Forchu. I served as President and continue to be a director of the organization. I also joined the Roaring 20’s Antique Auto Club assisting with the growth of the Yarmouth Car Show.

At present, I am the District 4 Councillor and hope to be voted back on Council. I sit on the board of the Nova Scotia Federation of Municipalities as the Rural Representative.  I won the election at the last NSFM conference and have served 1 year of a 2 year term pending re- election. I am Chair of the Municipal Doctor Recruitment and Retention Committee and  Vice-Chair of the Western Regional Economic Network Liaison and Oversight Committee.  I also sit on: Yarmouth Area Industrial Committee, Western Counties Regional Library Board, Heritage Advisory Committee. Yarmouth Waterfront Development Corporation, CAO Committee, Marketing Promotions Levy Advisory Committee, Planning Advisory Committee

The saying goes, “If you want something done, ask a busy person!”  I love spending time with my family, running my art gallery, painting, hanging out with our dogs, swimming at our camp, reading, walking and playing tennis on occasion.

Have any questions? Please don’t hesitate to call. 902-746-3384 

You can always google me to find out more!



Sunny Days, sunny, sunny days!

Sunny Days, sunny, sunny days!

August 21/2020

October 17, 2020 is election day for Municipalities across Nova Scotia.  We are in unprecedented times. For all of us, dealing with Covid-19 has been a challenge. We have also had droughts during the past 4 years. The health and safety of our residents is priority. It is imperative that the residents of the Municipality of the District of Yarmouth pay attention to the decisions being made by council. Not exciting to watch but important, council meetings are usually available on FB live which I requested during my first year. Transparency is so important. Since the pandemic began, we have been meeting via zoom which are recorded and then posted. All of our meetings are available on youtube.com.  Please take some time to see how your councillors vote on important matters.

One recent decision was to switch to electronic voting. While it wasn’t everyone’s first choice, it was the right thing to do during Covid-19 for residents and staff.  We have chosen to use http://www.intelivote.com/ a system widely used across Canada.

There will be three ways to vote via: phone, computer or a kiosk at the Municipal building.  You will receive a PIN number  and instructions in the mail, please do not share this with anyone unless they have signed a proxy allowing them to help you. DO NOT SHARE with election candidates.  The Voting Days have been set from October 8, 2020 at 9:00 AM until October 17, 2020 at 7:00 PM so you can vote anytime during that period.

If you need help, please call the Voters Help Line 902-742-7159!!  Most importantly VOTE!

Stay safe, stay heathy!



Election Time Again

Election Time Again

Hello followers,

My sincere apologies for not posting on this website in 2020. Could it be that I just wanted this year to be over, it is possible!  After moving my mom to Northwood, yes Northwood, she started to deteriorate and passed away in February at 94 years of age.  My mom had wonderful life, a terrific sense of humour and three dedicated daughters! We all miss her dearly but thankful she passed before the Covid-19 pandemic started in Canada.  It was very hard to watch the news and hear about all of the deaths at Northwood.  I truly hope lessons have been learned and that the provincial government takes the necessary steps to improve long term care.

Following mom’s passing, I lost my aunt Shirley and then mom’s longtime boyfriend Al, none due to Covid-19, thankfully. After that, a fairly new but dear friend passed. We all meet those people with whom we have an instant connection and Shaun was one of those individuals.  We worked together to bring “The Lighthouse” production to Yarmouth. It was so much fun and I hoped that we would have the chance to work together again but that was not meant to be. RIP Shaun.  Needless to say, the first few months of the year were not pleasant.

Covid-19 hit, what can I say, a challenge for everyone.  As a Municipal Councillor, there were many discussions and decisions to be made. Would we get cases in Yarmouth County, would residents be able to work, would schools close, would people be able to pay taxes, would MODY be able to pay bills and what should we be working on and how could we help???? So many unanswered questions.  I am an elected board member on the Nova Scotia Federation of Municipalities.  We worked on getting support from the Provincial government for our taxpayers. An excellent experience!  Fortunately we did fare better than many areas.  Now it is time to move forward.

So, I am offering to represent District 4 in the election on October 17, 2020.

Over the next few weeks,  I will post my accomplishments over past four years and the direction I think we should be heading.  We have much on the go which I would like to see completed.

Please call or send an email if you have any questions. Stay tuned I have a lot to share. Follow me on FB and Instagram.  I have continued to post on FB in 2020 and share important information from the Municipality.

Stay safe, stay healthy!

Best regards,