It is 2019!

It is 2019!

Seems like yesterday it was 2000 and we were all concerned that our computers were going to crash. Well, they didn’t and I expect you probably have a new one by now, one that is much more sleek and fast. My 2011 Mac is not taking updates, uh oh!  Here it is 2019, technology has changed so much since I was a kid when we had black and white tvs and listened to the radio every morning. Thankful to still be able to walk in the woods or on the beach, breathe in fresh air and enjoy the peace and comforts of home.  We may not always like change but we know it is necessary for progress.

Our meetings are shown on Facebook Live and on Youtube a day or two later which provides a first hand look at how council is working and what we are working on. As I stated when I ran, transparency in the Municipality is of utmost importance. Our CAO Victoria Brooks has provided us with quarterly reports which outline everything she and her staff have been doing. Included are directors reports and motions of council with action plans.  These reports can be found on the MODY website.  I am thankful that all of this information is now available to our constituents, a nice change from November 2016.

As for me, I am now the chair of the Doctor Recruitment and Retention committee which is made up of elected officials and staff of the three municipalities, Dr. Brian Moses, NSHA and Kerry Muise of the Chamber of Commerce and Brenda LeGrandeur of the Western Regional Enterprise Network.  We are working together to come up with a comprehensive plan to entertain, engage and retain possible doctors in our region. We are also working closely with Karma Chickowski, Doc recruitment coodinator for NSHA.  We are very fortunate that we are able to retain 75% of the residents from the Dalhousie Program. Unfortunately a big issue in recruitment is the lack of doctors going into family medicine.

We shuffled some of our committee responsibilities, the organizational chart can be found online.

The Port Maitland Fog Building will not be declared surplus at this time. In order to make use of the building it would have to be remediated. There is asbestos and lead paint in the building. The land around the building is contaminated. I do know that we can apply to the Federation of Canadian Municipalities for money for remediation of brownfields. I suggest members of the community form a committee to advocate for the preservation of the building and create a small museum featuring the history of fishing in Port Maitland.

I will continue to advocate for the safety of our waterfront when the temperature starts to heat up in the spring. It is imperative that all levels of government continue to monitor the water quality for contaminants and find a source if problems continue.

I hope to meet with Jennifer Angel of Develop NS soon to discuss Phase 2 of the Sandford Drawbridge project. It includes developing the area around the drawbridge with information panels and park benches to make it it more tourist friendly.

Congratulations to the Lakes and District Fire Department and the Port Maitland Fire Department on the construction of additions to their buildings. Both buildings desperately needed enlargements to house vehicles and provide room for training and other activities.

Some of you may have seen the article in the Yarmouth Vanguard about listing your homes and businesses in Screen Nova Scotia’s database called Starring Your Property. It is an opportunity to improve the chances of getting another movie filmed in Yarmouth County.  The Lighthouse 2019 brought in over 5 million dollars to the area and we are all awaiting its release! Once the movie is released the Municipality is hoping to create some info panels to be placed on location at Cape Forchu. I have also highly recommended to the Municipalities and town that they list assets such as Cape Forchu and the airport on the site. Screen Nova Scotia is willing to promote our area if we give them the tools.

Many thanks to the lobster fishers in the area for keeping our economy growing! I would also like to thank the members of the Yarmouth Dispatch for a job well done!

As always, my door is open for discussion. Please give me a call or send me an email if you have concerns.

Happy New Year and good health to all.

Cheers, Patti